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What are the requirements for electric vehicle charging lines


What are the requirements for electric vehicle charging cables

Charging electric vehicles is like eating three meals a day, providing energy for the body and maintaining normal life activities. How to charge electric vehicles intelligently and quickly is the top priority of research and development by many automakers. For electric vehicles, the charging device needs to meet the requirements of safety factor, convenience, economic cost, efficiency and so on. Common charging methods currently on the market include conventional charging methods such as charging pile charging stations, battery replacement, and wireless charging. Let's use this sidecar to watch the knowledge of charging cables for new energy electric vehicles.

Brief introduction of electric vehicle charging cable:

Functional requirements The electric vehicle charging cable is the carrier connecting the electric vehicle and the charging pile, and its basic function is to transmit electric energy. However, with the development of charging technology, in order to better complete the charging process, the communication between the electric vehicle and the charging pile should be done well, and automatic adjustment should be carried out when necessary. Therefore, the charging process puts forward higher requirements on the charging cable. The charging cable not only has the function of power transmission, but also transmits the status and information of the car and power battery to the charging pile for real-time interaction. If necessary, the charging response should be adjusted to complete the charging process safely and reliably.

Safety factor requirements Now, the safety factor of electric vehicles has become the focus of the industry. Due to the long service life of the cable, high current intensity and high frequency, the safety factor of the charging and discharging process of electric vehicles should be highly valued. Charging cables for automobiles should have high heat resistance and aging resistance on the basis of ensuring good insulation performance. At the same time, they should have good low-smoke and flame-retardant properties when burning to minimize losses and injuries.


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