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How are plastic bottle caps made for pennies each?


We are all too familiar with plastic bottle caps, mainly used to seal bottles and cans, we are most interested in the lid printed on the "prize" or "one more bottle", collected prizes will also be studied, some people buy a bottle of drink the first action is to open the cap to see if there is a prize, some people before buying from the bottom of the bottle first look, It is said that the winning bottle can be purchased by reading the inscription inside the bottle cap through the bottom. Plastic bottle caps are too common and cheap, so they will be thrown away after opening if they don't win the prize, few people to understand it, with the enhancement of environmental awareness, there are a lot of bottle caps on the Internet, bottle caps can be transformed into treasures, to solve some problems in life.

Metal caps are mainly used for beer, health products, food, etc. Plastic caps are mainly used for drinks, food, cosmetics and so on. The material of plastic bottle cap is generally PP material or PE material. Bottle caps were made of cork in the early days, and then spun iron. In the mid 1990s, Coca-Cola produced plastic bottle drinks, and replaced aluminum iron bottle caps with plastic bottle caps. Because of its various advantages, plastic bottle caps were widely used.

Plastic cap manufacturing has injection molding process and pressure plastic process

Pressure plastic bottle cap production technology

The pressure plastic bottle cap has no traces of material opening, which looks more beautiful. The processing temperature is low, and the size of the bottle cap is more accurate.

Injection molding process of injection cap

Injection molding tools large volume, replacement trouble, injection molding per mold out of multiple caps requirements of greater pressure, material heating temperature is higher, energy consumption is higher than pressure plastic.

Bottle cap printing

Bottle Cap Printer Machine Bottle Cap printer machine is a printer that can print pictures on different bottle caps.

Bottle Cap Printer Machine can support direct printing on various materials. Such as: wood, metal plate, ceramic, acrylic, plastic, PE, PVC and other flat, curved objects, can be printed through the bottle cap printing machine on the wonderful pattern. And high precision. It's also fast.


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