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How to choose Wood Flooring


There will be a variety of Wood Flooring flooring. The common wood flooring will be croquetan, ash, oak, disc bean, King teak (acacia), two-wing bean, maple, elm, etc. These are the common wood flooring. Some of the more expensive wood species are Burmese teak, Asian pear, chicken wing wood, sour branch, red sandalwood, jade sandalwood and so on. How do we choose wood among so many trees? Wood Flooring refers to a finished piece of wood. The common wood species on the market has been selected out of more than 5000 kinds of wood material suitable for floor. The material of floor needs to have the following functions: good stability, hardness and wood density to reach a certain degree, and it is not easy to crack after a long time of use.

Wood Flooring has been produced and processed for several decades. The wood commonly used in the market has been proved to be the most suitable material for flooring. But there are differences between different materials, the difference is wood hardness, density, stability, corrosion resistance, aesthetic value and the preciousness of raw materials above, these factors affect the price of different materials of flooring. The use of general materials can be used in home decoration. The stability of these materials is very good, and the hardness and density of knowledge are not so big as the precious materials. The economical and affordable wood is the longan, ash wood, maple and so on. The medium material is oak, disc bean, robinia acacia, elm, two wing bean and so on. Luxury decoration can choose precious materials heavy ant wood, Asian pear, Myanmar teak, sour branch, jade sandalwood and other materials.

Why are there many different prices for the same material? This is the process of the floor. The process includes the specification and size of the single piece of floor, processing accuracy, painting technology, and the grade of the material used. For example, the price of the appropriate tree core material will be different. Specifications generally choose standard specifications.

Wood Flooring is mainly divided into plane Wood Flooring and antique Wood Flooring. Plane Wood Flooring looks simple and suitable for modern style, while antique Wood Flooring can adapt to a variety of styles. Antique floor is generally more wear-resistant and dirty than the plane, and it will be better than the plane to take care of. The paint process is mainly matte paint and varnish. Matte paint is more wear-resistant, bright lighting is better home will look bright, but it is not easy to clean and dirty.


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