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How does the hot melt yarn make?


Hot melt yarn is created by incorporating hot melt adhesive into the core or covering of the yarn during the manufacturing process. There are various methods to produce hot melt yarn, and the specific technique used can vary based on the desired application and the type of equipment available. Here's a general overview of how hot melt yarn is made:

1. Adhesive Application: The process typically begins by applying hot melt adhesive material onto the yarn. This can be done through different methods:

  a. Extrusion Coating: One method involves extruding or coating the yarn with the hot melt adhesive as it passes through a specialized coating or extrusion device. The yarn is drawn through a bath of molten adhesive, and a coating is applied onto its surface.

  b. Spinning or Melt Spinning: In some cases, the adhesive material itself can be spun alongside the yarn during the spinning process. This can involve mixing the adhesive with the yarn material before spinning to create a yarn with adhesive properties.

2. Cooling and Solidification: Once the hot melt adhesive is applied to the yarn, it undergoes a cooling process to solidify the adhesive material onto the yarn fibers. This solidification helps ensure that the adhesive is securely bonded to the yarn.

3. Winding and Packaging: After the adhesive has been applied and solidified onto the yarn, the yarn may undergo additional processes such as winding onto spools or cones for ease of handling and transport.

The specific materials used, the methods employed for adhesive application, and the machinery used can vary based on the manufacturer's capabilities and the desired properties of the hot melt yarn.

The resulting hot melt yarn is then used in various industries and applications where the adhesive properties are activated by heat during specific manufacturing processes to create bonds between materials, eliminating the need for traditional sewing or stitching.

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